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Charles George VA Medical Center

COVID-19 Update for July 7, 2020

* Voluntary: Attached is our latest newsletter - THANK YOU BONNIE (Virtual Volunteer)!!

* Signage: Our facility has been working diligently to update signage throughout the campus. Coming soon: new external signage on campus to help ease the flow of traffic. All COVID-19 signage implementation is managed by the COVID-19 Signage workgroup.

* Pharmacy: An App was created by staff member Dr. Ron Major, this App is being used by providers for requesting medications for the tent and during overnight. Even better did you know all staff members have access to the tools he used to create this App?

* PM&RS: The Physical Medicine &Rehabilitation Service is working to issue wheelchairs to Veterans using planned visits. They've already issued 30 out of the 45 wheelchairs that have been specially ordered for our Veterans.

* Eye Clinic: Every Wednesday Veterans (scheduled) can get drive-up Glaucoma care. The eye clinic is providing this service near the ED/Viral tent. The patient never has to get out of their car.

* Shoe Clinic: is providing a scheduled clinic in building 70 to issue specialty shoes that Veterans have been waiting on.

* Orthopedics: is providing joint injection in exam room space in Geri-PACT - Building 47. Sharing space is important right now as we work to re-open and continue to provide physical distancing and reduce bottlenecks in clinics.

* Laboratory: We have a way for patients arriving to the facility only for lab work to get scheduled. This allows for planned care, we can space out incoming Veterans, and decrease numbers in waiting rooms. Lab in building 70 has 42 patients scheduled today. Any clinic clerk can schedule patients for lab work into the clinic.

* Clinic Check in: On Monday June 29th a pilot was started for Vetext in a few clinics. In the past Vetext has been used to send text reminders to Veterans. Now we are using a new functionality which allows a Veteran to text HERE when they arrive and the clinic can notify them when they are ready for them to enter the building.

* Minor Surgery: Most of the clinics in Minor Surgery are starting to see patients at the 25% pre-COVID level.

* Surgery: Elective surgeries resumed on June 22nd at a reduced number. We are working to focus on outpatient surgeries.

* Shingles Vaccines: are being given by primary care staff at outside drive thru near the viral tent. Our Veterans stay in their car for this service.

* Vacation Planning & COVID-19: Summer is here. As you are planning vacations and trips remember to continue protecting yourself, review CDC travel guidelines before travel. It is everyone's responsibility to practice good infection prevention, masking and follow physical distancing guidelines. While on travel, watch the local news for guidance, some places are instructing people visiting that area to quarantine or recommend COVID testing.

* Cardiology: is now seeing patients face to face at 50% level pre COVID.