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Message from the VHA Executive In Charge

COVID-19: Looking at the Big Picture

I want to take a moment to zoom out from our daily fight against COVID-19 and look at the big picture of VHA, including our future.

Yesterday, I joined the Secretary and other VA leaders in testifying before the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs about our budget for next year. You can find video of the hearing here. While I would rather be at VA working with all of you, testifying before Congress is an important part of making sure we have the resources we need to give Veterans the excellent care they have come to expect from us. Testimony also gives us an opportunity to highlight all the great work VHA employees are doing and to let Congress know where we see VA's budget and programs in the coming years.

Tomorrow, I look forward to telling you about my visit to Martinsburg, West Virginia to see our Emergency Management Coordination Cell.

Thank you for all you do for our Veterans.

Richard A. Stone, MD

Executive in Charge

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