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  WNC-MOAA : Western North Carolina Chapter MOAA FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MOAA’s Mission?
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Never Stop Serving

MOAA’s core mission is to improve the lives of those who serve and their families’ lives, largely through tireless advocacy in our nation’s capital. MOAA’s experts are in Washington to support legislation that benefits the military community and are equally vigilant when fighting legislation that threatens our livelihood. The larger our numbers, the greater your voice.

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What is the advantage of joining MOAA?
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Now 35,000 strong, the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) is the country’s leading organization protecting the rights of military service members and their families. Those who belong to MOAA not only lend their voices to a greater cause, but they also gain access to extensive benefits tailored to the needs and lifestyles of military officers and their surviving spouses. MOAA members proudly hail from every branch of the uniformed services. To them, we make the same promise that they have made to their country: Never Stop Serving.

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How do I join MOAA?
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The easiest way to join MOAA is to go to www.moaa.org/join (link below)

Or to speak with a MOAA membership associate call (800) 234-MOAA (6622)

You can join at one of three levels and upgrade at any time:

Basic Membership is your introduction to MOAA membership and it’s free. You’ll receive discounts on retail, travel, and insurance; electronic access to MOAA news updates; and support of critical advocacy efforts to protect military benefits for you and your family. Plus, you will be eligible to become a member of one of our local chapters or affiliates.

Premium Membership allows you to take advantage of an extensive suite of tools and resources, including:

Expert one-on-one consultations regarding your pay and benefits

Career transition resources such as personalized resume and LinkedIn critiques

Financial planning and investment tools

Scholarships, interest-free loans, and grants for dependents

Military Officer magazine (12 issues per year)

Discounts on retail, travel, and insurance

Support of MOAA’s ongoing advocacy efforts

Life Membership offers you the greatest value at any stage of life and career. Sign up for LIFE membership and you’ll receive all of MOAA’s Premium benefits and more – for life. Additional benefits include an invitation to the Army and Navy Club of Washington D.C., with no initiation fee; special recognition; unlimited access to career resources; direct access to MOAA staff experts on the dedicated LIFE Member Hotline. Plus, once MOAA members sign up for LIFE, benefits will be made available to their spouses for their lives as well.

Join MOAA here.
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Why should I join a MOAA chapter?
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1. Make yourself heard. MOAA’s chapters provide critical grassroots support for MOAA’s national legislative agenda. Our benefits are under attack, and MOAA is in the fight to preserve them. Chapter members let their legislators know what’s on their minds and open doors for MOAA’s legislative team in Washington, D.C. In these difficult times, MOAA members need to stick together, and our chapters are the best way we know to do that.

2. Give back to the community. Chapter members are MOAA’s ambassadors in their communities, supporting countless programs that make a difference in the lives of others. These members continue their “officership” service and are giving back in the truest sense.

3. Value added to chapter members’ lives. MOAA chapters sponsor interesting programs and opportunities to interact with civic, political, military, and business leaders on issues important to members.

4. Networking with fellow officers. Chapters include second-career members in the work force and retired servicemembers who have contacts in their communities that can be valuable to transitioning officers.

5. Stay informed. Chapter newsletters, websites, and meetings provide you with the latest information on local, state, and national issues and changes to military benefits.

6. Influencing state legislation. Most states have a council of chapters that unites chapters in the state. These councils, and independent chapters in states without a council, often lobby for and pass state level legislation that affects military members and their families, such as exempting military retired pay from state income tax or increasing funding for state veterans’ programs.

7. Camaraderie with a purpose. MOAA chapters unite active duty, former, and retired officers from every branch of service, including National Guard and Reserve, as well as surviving spouses. These centers of camaraderie not only give you a chance to connect with other members with similar backgrounds and interest, but to also develop close and lasting friendships.

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