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Meeting with Rep. Madison Cawthorn 5/18/2021


(Top, L-R)

WNC MOAA members Patricia Vinson, Vivianne Wersel, Donna Culp

(Bottom, L-R) Catherine Tredwell (Military-Legislative Affairs Staffer), Rep. Cawthorn

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Best Legislative Link EVER

How to find and contact your elected representatives

Click on MY REPS to find your County, State and Local Representatives

TIP: Type in your complete physical residence address

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WNC-MOAA is a non-partisan organization

Our purpose, and that of National MOAA, is to advocate on behalf of issues which affect active duty members, their families, and veterans and their families. This advocacy is non-partisan; we are only interested in serving the needs of our active duty and veterans and their families and pledge to take no part in political activity outside of this advocacy. Although individual members may (and do) support different political parties or candidates, the Chapter and National MOAA do not and will not [more...]

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