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Legislative Issues: MOAA Makes It Easy To Be Heard

How to Take Action on Legislative Issues Using the MOAA website.

Although COVID-19 issues are paramount on the Hill at this time, MOAA provides a streamlined method of supporting legislative issues we care about. Here's how it works:

- Go to moaa.org

- Select Advocacy, then go to Legislative Action Center or...

- Click on Legislative Action Center, that will take you to the "Take Action" center.

- All the bills are listed here, and each one has a button - "Take Action"

- Click on the button and it takes you to a letter that spells out what we're asking our legislators to consider in regard to that topic/issue.

- Next, you'll confirm your contact information as you want it to appear and then click on "Preview Message."

- You'll see who the recipients will be and the letter they will be receiving.

- Lastly, click on submit.

You're done! And now your voice will be heard!