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June 12 update on C&P Exams

Veteran Leaders,

We previously advised that VBA’s contract medical disability examination vendors are resuming in-person exams in 20 areas across the country. In addition, we have added 64 other areas of the country. These additional areas are within 38 states and address 54% of VBA’s pending exam inventory. This includes 68 of the 127 military treatment facility sites (listed in download at right). Vendors will begin scheduling and completing pending in-person exams in these areas as soon as possible. These exams must be held according to the COVID-19 screening, personal protective equipment, sanitation, and distancing requirements prescribed by VBA. We expect to continue expanding our in-person exam capacity in the coming weeks as we monitor conditions and will update you as we make progress.

For more information on the areas where VBA has resumed in-person exams go here. Please note that this website (if you scroll down past the map) also has helpful tips for Veterans regarding what to expect when they go to an exam, including some YouTube videos pertaining to specific types of exams. This will help set expectations for the forensic nature (versus treatment focused) nature of the exams.

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