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Woodfin Satellite

October 8th, The Woodfin Satellite held a meeting at the Man Cave Ministries location in Woodfin. After starting with a great meal Rod Honeycutt, the Woodfin Satellite Chair had arranged three short presentations. The first presenter was Dan Jackson, the Madison County Veterans Service Officer (VSO). Dan introduced himself and then spoke about what he, as a VSO, can do for Veterans, Veteran's family members and Veteran's caregivers. Next up was Mr. Steve Ward, the Founder of the Man Cave Ministries. Steve talked about the history of the Man Cave Ministries and how the Man Cave helps the local community, including local veterans, first responders and those in need. The last presenter was Peter Champagne, COL, USA (Ret) the Founder and Executive Director of Unbroken Spirit. Unbroken Spirit is an Asheville based organization that helps veterans transform their lives through holistic wellbeing training.

10/8/23/ WNC MOAA/ Business/

Smoky Mountain Satellite Conducts First Hybrid Meeting at Jonathan Creek VFD Pavilion

Smoky Mountain Satellite Conducts First Hybrid Meeting at Jonathan Creek VFD Pavilion
Former SMS Chair, Craig Love leads the meeting
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Patrick Johnson, Retiring Director of Haywood DHHS

October 6th, Smoky Mountain Satellite held a “hybrid” satellite meeting at the Jonathan Creek VFD outside pavilion. In addition to the meeting being held outside, an FM transmitter was on standby for participants who might prefer to sit in their vehicles and listen to the meeting via their vehicle radios. Guest speaker, Patrick Johnson, Director of Haywood Co. DHHS, and Retired USAF Col, discussed COVID and provided Q&A. The meeting also served as a farewell for David McCracken, who is departing the area. Best of Luck, David!

11/15/20/ WNC MOAA/ Business/